Digital Transformation

Here are three powerful themes at the heart of digital transformations.

##1. Users Put user needs first.

The internet is a competitive space. Experiences must be world-class or customers will go elsewhere.

Design and manage services to prioritise customer experiences. Use research, data and feedback for continuous improvement.

For more see GDS Service Design manual

##2. Delivery

Select the right delivery paradigms.

Services need different approaches, tools and skills at different points in their lifecycles.

Use agile for new ventures - move fast and break things. Standardise running services - establish common open standards and processes for technology, content and design. Buy in commodities.

For more see Simon Wardley’s blog

##3. Platforms

Build platforms to enable new business models.

Bringing people together using digital technologies creates entirely new opportunities.

Allow people to create value by sharing or exchanging on your platforms or by building on top of your platforms.

For more see Platform Thinking

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